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Community management in 14 languages around the world.


Director of advertising videos for social networks.

Innovator in marketing ideas and strategy on social networks.

Community management

Our team of graphic design, advertising and marketing professionals create quality content daily on different networks for worldwide customers.
Our language department provides translation in more than 24 languages with adaptation for each localization.

Our knowledge of the advertising tools of Facebook and Google allows you to
to outsource that part.
We travel all over the world and carry out all the tasks related to this type of mission internally, which guarantees you an indispensable confidentiality.


Attract your prospects

We produce all types of corporate videos, documentaries, interview and facebook video ads and other video projects.

Since the introduction of the video function on Facebook, we have developed a brand of video advertising adapted to the Facebook social network: Vidads©.
A clever mix of marketing and audiovisual know-how, Vidads© is a high quality solution that allows to present products, services, people and events through videos optimized to generate social interactions on Facebook.

This type of video turns Facebook users into leads.

Vidads© is 100% compatible with Facebook's advertising possibilities and provides returns of up to 150% ROI compared to other conventional video ads.

It is an ideal complement to TV and off-line campaigns (press, radio...).

Stand out from your competitors.

How to launch a new product effectively?
How do you reach the right people?
How to reposition your service offering?

Our team has won the trust of more than 320 companies from different sectors since 2012.
This diversity of sectors, markets and approaches has allowed us to sharpen our know-how in the creation of digital strategy.

We are able to facilitate your sales process through quality marketing upstream.

Who doesn't dream of being bought instead of sold?

Among the many services offered:

The realization of market studies

The creation of communication plans

The annual management of your national and international advertising budget

Redesign of your visual identity (new graphic charter, logo, repositioning on the market)

Our manager David Pribilinec also coaches your teams to help you in the digital transition periods with customized training on demand.


"Anyone who stops advertising to save money can just as easily stop his watch to save time"

Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

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David Pribilinec

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David Pribilinec


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