Conditions générales 

Avproduction is an independent company under the activity number N°01393 - Avproduction.







Article 1. General terms and conditions


These general terms and conditions of payment apply when concluding a payment voucher.


order or request for invoicing of copyright and related rights, notwithstanding any stipulations


on any document or correspondence from the client, unless otherwise agreed


formal and written by the non-profit association "Productions Associées" (hereinafter "the non-profit association") or


one of its authorised representatives.




Article 2. Payment of payment


The current rates are inclusive of tax, we reserve the right to defer any new taxes and rate increases. The prices


indicated are in Euros.


You must pay for all purchases when ordering, at the bank details indicated in the order confirmation email.


Article 3. Default and late payment


In the event of late payment, the association reserves the right to suspend its services and resume them as soon as the


payment is regularized.


In the event of non-payment on their due date, invoices shall automatically and without formal notice


interest at the rate of 8.5% per annum, and will be increased automatically and without notice of default by 10%.


as a lump sum payment. The indemnity will never be less than €40.00. (cf. law 2 August 2002 concerning


the fight against late payment in commercial transactions as amended by the law of 22 November


2013). Failure or delay in payment of all or part of an invoice shall also automatically result in


and without formal notice, the due date of any other due invoices.


The association reserves the right to refuse any subsequent order or to make acceptance subject to delivery.


sufficient guarantees.




Article 4. Complaint - challenge



Any complaint or dispute concerning the quality of goods or services or invoices must reach


the non-profit association, by registered letter, under penalty of forfeiture, at the latest within fifteen days from


the date of delivery or the last date of service.


The submission of a complaint does not release the customer from his payment obligations. If the claim is


the guarantee of goods is limited either to the free replacement of the goods found defective by the association,


or in reimbursement of the order price, to the exclusion of any other damages.




Article 5. Assignment of competence



All agreements concluded through Productions Associées are subject to Belgian law.


In the event of a dispute, and in the event of failure to resolve it amicably, the courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction,


unless the association, acting as plaintiff, prefers to bring the action before any other competent court.




Article 6. Invoicing and payment



Invoices will be issued electronically. If the customer does not wish to receive the invoice by


electronic, it is requested to report it as soon as possible to the asbl. The association reserves the right to refuse to


send the invoices by post if it considers that the reasons given by the customer to refuse to send the electronic invoices


are not justified.